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Our History

The idea to form a club for the boaters at Nugent's Canal came to light in the summer of 1963.  Skippers Walt & Vince Nugent discussed the plan as they stood together on Dock 18, surveying the marina filled with boats.  In July 1963, the initial meeting of Nugent's Canal Yacht Club was held at Sheer's Little Store with 23 prospective members.   Two weeks later, the first organized official  session was held with 36 charter members on the roster.  Vince Nugent was elected as the Executive Officer and Robert Miller became the first Commodore.

Ground breaking ceremonies for the club were held on September 7th, 1964.  However, the actual building did not get started until early March 1967.  Building bonds were sold to raise monies for the steel building.  Most of the paneling, insulation, electrical supplies and man hours were donated by the members.

Its purpose was to benefit all boating folks, like you and I.  To help make Lake Erie clean and safe and to keep a lively & loyal crew.


The tradition has been honored.  With pride we view the past and look to new endeavors that will hold the future fast. 

To each one who now must strive to keep the faith with Nugent's Canal Yacht Club and to keep their dreams alive...….

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